Why The Lens Story

Five simple reasons why you should book with us!

  1. Money back guarantee. Your vendor didn’t show up? All your pictures were broken? Let us know and we assure you with money back guarantee! 
  2. Apology voucher. Your vendor didn’t fulfill what they promised on the agreed time? Let us review your case and and we can offer you up to 20% apology voucher! 
  3. Published selling price. No need to send e-mail to your vendors just to request for their price list!
  4. Wish list feature. Put all your favorite products to your wish list, compare one product with another, and book the one you like the most!
  5. Wide range of products. We offer you various photographers with various set of skills, style, and price. Choose one that fits you best!

Only at The Lens Story!

Four perks you can only find at The Lens Story!

Having said that The Lens Story is only the website provider, we do genuinely care with our customers' experiences on our platform. We will put our best efforts to help you in case of any dispute with your selected seller. Having troubles with any of them? We're only one call away!